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World Book Online

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United States Geography

Current Events

Exploration (1492 - 1607)

The 13 English Colonies (1607 - 1775)

  • For extra help watch this video on the 13 English Colonies

  • View information on European religious groups (Pilgrims, Puritans, Quakers) -
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  • View information on the rise of slavery and the Triangle Trade -
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  • Research Information on the Salem Witch Trials, Colonial Life in America, and Important People From Colonial America - World Book Online

  • Watch a video on the events of the Salem Witch Trials - The Salem Witch Trials Video

  • Find More Information on the 13 Colonies and Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia with these games - Colonial Games - Life in Colonial America

  • For information on the Jamestown colony in Virginia - Jamestown 1607

  • To view the story of Captain John Smith and play some historical games about his adventures in Virginia - On The Trail With John Smith

  • For review help try playing Colonial Jeopardy! -
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  • Watch a video on founding of Jamestown IMG_0022.mp4

  • View a video on the Pilgrims in America IMG_0025.mp4

The American Revolution and the Constitution (1775 - 1789)

The New Nation (1789 - 1860)

The Civil War (1861 - 1865)